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Professional Organizing and declutter

Professional Organizing and declutter

"Out of clutter find simplicity" - Albert Einstein

"Out of clutter find simplicity" - Albert Einstein

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 We declutter, recycle, upcycle and reuse unwanted/unneeded items so that we can begin to organize not just your home, but your Life!  You will be able to live a more simple fulfilling life knowing the only things you possess are the things that matter most to you.   Through the art of discarding, we declutter the "past" and keep only the things that align with you and who you are now.  

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I provide a full hour free consultation with no obligation.   This time together is so worth it because it simply puts you in action and is always fun, freeing and worth every minute.

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Homes, offices, garages, attics, kitchens, bedrooms, work trucks, storage units, businesses, paper, barns and anything else that needs decluttering.

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Economically conscious organizing

Being a native here in Tidewater I began inquiring on a more sustainable lifestyle in 2013 when I started working with a MLM cosmetic company that was vegan, gluten free and environmentally conscious.  The knowledge I gained from this company changed mine and my families life forever.  I began to pay attention to what we ate, threw away and most importantly what we bought.   Organizing using an eco friendly mindset is such a powerful way to make a difference in other peoples lives.  I chose to start an organizing business in 2017 to help others feel better about the space they spend their time in.  Incorporating my passion for a clean earth using our community resources in the world of organizing is what makes Space To Be Free unique.

Discarding or Decluttering

The process of discarding is simple yet not easy for some.  Using  a spcific method and language, I take you under my wing and help make it easier to discard.  Our goal through your participation and open mind is to never have to declutter again.

Giving Back

Giving us the pleasure to partner with you on the declutter and organizing of your space, you are giving back to yourself your peace and freedom from declutter while also giving back to our community knowing your old clutter is being reused and recycled.  Check out the find out more button for more on where we give back!

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